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Marine Chaumien, rédactrice de mode pour le Grazia français et le M magazine du  » Monde », a fait son premier sujet, il y a 10 ans pour le « Double ».
Dernier sujet en date, une série croisière pour le  » M », réalisée avec le photographe Alexis Armanet au studio Zéro où nous l’avons rencontrée.

Interview with Marine Chaumien , the fashion editor for the French Grazia
and the magazine M  from Le Monde.

Hello Marine.

I would like you to explain to us what is your profession exactly. In fact lots of
people do not know what is a fashion editor.
It is basically a journalist job. We have the opportunity to attend fashion shows. From there, we can suggest topics for fashion magazines. Then, we work as a team with a photographer, hairdresser, makeup artist and a model. Then we produce a fashion range.

‐ We can say that this is a kind of director?
Yes, you can say that. We put clothes on stage.

‐ What is the starting point to build up a fashion topic?
It can be an idea from an event., a color or a film that can inspire in us the desire to take photos. It can also come from a meeting with a photographer.
It may be a fashion show that really dazzled us.  It can be purely the fashion as much as the personality, or a character in a film.

‐ What are your 3 favorite designers?
Céline. Balenciaga. St Laurent.

‐ What was for you the most beautiful Catwalk of the summer?
Chanel and also Yves St Laurent. I like all the tunics, and I love the hats,
yes I really loved this show with all those hats.

‐ What is the perfect outfit according to you?
A sweater, a pair of jeans, some sneakers and a nice jacket. That’s enough for every day.

‐ For you, what is the essential item in your wardrobe?
A very nice jacket.

‐ And what about a must have accessory?
A bag. But I like to have my hands free. So I would say a piece of jewelry, A bit more personal that you do not necessarily see. Or it could be a nice pair of sunglasses, if it’s sunny.

‐ What is your favorite color?
Navy blue.

‐ Do  you prefer a summer or winter topic?
A summer subject because it is more solar.

‐ What is your best memory of a shoot?
A shoot in Morocco with Peter Gehrke , Jean-­‐Charles Perrier and Seb Le Corroller, where we were stranded because of the ashes from the Icelandic volcano and we laughed a lot.

‐ Your first topic was for which magazine?
It was a night topic for about the magazine Double.

‐ And what about the one you did today in the studio Zero?
It is a cruising topic which will be released in mid-­‐January in the magazine M
from Le Monde, with my very good friend, the photographer Alexis Armanet

Thank you Marine. See you soon.

Traduction : Isabelle Gombert