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Marie Perron, illustratrice de mode travaille actuellement pour le 7000 magazine – directeur artistique : Steve Hiett,
ainsi que pour le Cosmopolitan et le Et Vous du Figaro.
Elle a réalisé des campagnes pour Dior, Ventilo et Boucheron.
Elle a créé en septembre 2011.
Pour le printemps 2013, elle sortira chez Hachette un livre érotique et un livre sur la mode.

Marie Perron is a fashion illustrator. Currently working for the 7000
magazine art director, Steve Hiett., as well as Cosmopolitan and Et Vous du
She has carried out campaigns for Dior, Ventilo and Boucheron.
Marie created in September 2011.
It will be an erotic book and a book on fashion published by Hachette in
Spring 2013.

– How did you get the idea to do this job? Is it a little girls dream?
This is not a little girls dream, because I've been drawing forever. At
home, with my sisters we drew the same drawing. At school, I was asked to do
a portrait of the class which was then hung on the wall. I remember that I
did a little makeover of my mates who were not the most beautiful.

– What are your strategy against the blank page?
Listen to music and draw quickly. Look at pictures.

– What or who inspired you?
In general, I get my inspiration from fashionable girls and also by designs
that I have admired when I was little. It goes from Bretécher to Paulette.

– Do you get inspired a lot by Catwalks?
Yes quite a lot. My first works were illustrated reports from catwalks.

– How do you proceed? Are you drawing on paper or on computer?
When I draw on the computer, I start with the hair. I love drawing hair!
Then roughly I draw the pose that gives movement to the drawing and
subsequently it will be refined.

– Of all your illustrations, which one is your favourite?
The portrait of model Caroline Trentini, I had designed for the magazine
³French². Every time I see it, I find it beautiful.

– Who was your first illustration for?
I think it was for Cosmopolitan or Jeune et Jolie. It was a bit of both at
the same time. This first order was the ultimate joy.
Then there were the reports about the shows I did for the Figaroscope. It
was François Simon who had ordered them.

– And the last one you made?
I'm doing an erotic book that will be released in June.

– Who is the most inspiring designer for your drawings?
At the moment, I like Kenzo. His style is colourful and the cuts are
But the one who inspires me the most, I really do not know.
I am undecided on that issue!

Thank you Marie. See you soon.

Traduction Isabelle Gombert.